Admission Procedure

website-background_13s1- Application for every fresh admission shall have to be made on a prescribed form available form the school office on payment of Registration fee which is non – refundable .

2- The Applicant will have to appear in the Entrance Test / Face admission norm of the school and it is only after clearance he/she will be eligible for Admission in the school.

3- At the time of admission Transfer Certificate of the previous attended school alongwith birth certificate is required without exception .

4- The discretion of the Principal will under all circumstances remain final in the admission of the child .

5- Selected students can be admitted within a week’s time after they have cleared the admission process .

6- Minimum age is 3 yrs (as on 1st April) for admission to class P.G. with an additional year for every higher class for which valid proof of age is required.

7- Two latest passport size photograph to be attached / submitted to the school- office .

8- Students (real brother and sister) are entitled for fee concession .

9- Fee is payable in four quarters (3 months each) to school office .

10- Fee concession and other financial assistance to extremely poor outstanding students in academics , extra- curricular activities and sports is also granted by the Founder President, Dr. Soney Lal Patel .

11- Any chronic medical case with the child’s medical history should be duly submitted to school office.