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The Entire school is divided into four houses, namely Ajanta (Red house) Takshila (Blue house) Nalanda (Yellow house) and Sanchi (Green house). Each house has its captain and a vice-captain. Each House is in charge of a Housemaster/Housemistress, who is responsible for grooming the students with the help of other House teachers and House prefects. The Houses perform four duties – Discipline, Cleanliness, Morning Assembly and Bulletin Board. The system encourages a sense of team work and public responsibility. This division provides opportunities for more intimate organization and for healthy rivalry in sports and other activities between the houses.

The performance of duties by houses is evaluated and appropriate grading (marks out of 100) is given by an independent Assessment Committee of three teachers. Based on their aggregate scores they are declared Winners, First Runner-up and Second Runner-up every month.


The house scoring most in the entire session is presented with the “Annual House Trophy”. 

Career Guidance & Counseling:

Students are given career guidance and counseling to expose them to the vast range of careers open to them. Guest speakers are invited from time to time to provide valuable information in various fields of work and study. Students of class X and XII are provided Career Guidance & Counseling by professional experts every year.

Socio – Cultural Education:

The School provides for various “Societies” and each student is expected to choose one society (out of a long list which is revised each year), depending upon inclination and aptitude.

  • Music Society.
  • Dance Society:
  • Drama Society  
  • Visual Art & Creative craft Society.
  • English Debate  & Elocution Society 
  • Quiz Society  

Physical & Health Education:

The school aims at an all-round development of the students’ personality. Therefore, proportionate emphasis is laid on the physical development of the student. The students take part in organized games as per their time-table. The wide range of sports / Games played at school’s main building & sports complex  include basketball , volley ball, Cricket , Dodge Ball, Throw ball , table tennis, chess, Carom  long jump, high jump, short put,   Javelin Throw etc.

Computer Education:

Computer is taught in our institution as a compulsory subject from class I onwards. It has now  been included as an Elective subject  in the SENIOR SECONDARY section as its  importance has been  highlighted  in the present day  and the days  to come when every aspect of human life will be directly or indirectly  connected  to  computers .

Value Education:

The school places adequate emphasis on building student’s character based on humanitarian values & good social habits. One such endeavor in this direction is the annual visit of school students to Orphanages & Charity Homes during Diwali .The culture, tradition & customs of India are often highlighted through teaching & other programmes organized in the school. The glory of demure East, the Erudite South, the prosperous North & the Glamorous West is often highlighted through various festivals celebrated in school to keep students embedded in their culture. By celebrating Independence Day, Republic Day & Gandhi Jayanti, patriotic fervor is aroused in the students